About Us


The name of our online store is buktal. We are a T-shirt brand. Our goal is customer satisfaction and making 100% good quality t-shirts in their hands.

We sell T-shirts here. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and provide them with good products. We always try our best to get the best quality products from our company to our customers 100% cotton t-shirt. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will always be by your side. Please do not hesitate to contact us, leave your comments, feedback, suggestions or even criticism.


you can make your t shirt or choose from the already existing ones. Also, customized t-shirts with appropriate information such as love expression or images of your favorite animals are available, and the graphics used will make you stand out. These t-shirts have no equal as far as design, customization, and quality are concerned. The best way to attest to this fact is to purchase yours or order a customized one, and you will have a story to tell.


Our advantages are:

  •     Secure payments with the world's leaders in online payments.
  •     Products at ultra-competitive prices.
  •     A customer service that answers all your requests within 24 working hours maximum.

We also provide fashion shoes.

For more information

Support:- 24/7-
Email: support@buktal.com
Address: 328 West 47th Street, Kansas City Missouri 64112, United States